Thursday, March 8, 2012

Retro Art by El Gato Gomez

I recently came across this amazing artist via Facebook (of course). Her name is Crystal but she goes by the artist name El Gato Gomez. Her retro inspired designs definitely caught my eye. She has such a flair for mid century style art. I became a fan of hers on Facebook and started following her artwork.

A week later, I went to my friend Lewis and Naoko's house and to my surprise, they had an El Gato Gomez painting displayed on their living room wall! At first glance I knew it was her work right away! I said to Lewis, "That's a painting by El Gato Gomez, isn't it?". He was impressed I knew her work.

Naoko and Gidget

Lewis had commissioned Gato to paint a portrait of his wife Naoko and her sweet kitty Gidget. 

Lewis explained, "I wanted to get my wife something special for her birthday this year and she is notoriously hard to shop for.  She loves two things: Money and Gidget  (she loves me also, but I'm pretty sure those are her top top on the list).  So, Ms. Gato comes into the story when I saw a friend of mine showing off some new artwork on FB.  We are both artists and share the same taste in mid-century pop art and was like WOW!  THIS STUFF ROCKS!

Then when I started following her on Facebook. I was amazed at her output of work!  Not to mention the price range made actually owning a piece I would spend money on (I never buy art) VERY affordable for someone who is only working part-time.

SO, the idea popped into my head of getting her to paint Gidget and Naoko for her birthday present.
I emailed her a few photos of Gidget and Naoko and told told her what I was thinking of in my head and within a month she made it happen. Everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY loves that painting and it's something I will treasure for years to come."

I just had to interview El Gato Gomez for my blog. She was kind enough to answer a few questions.

 Populuxe: Where are you from and what are your influences?

Gomez: I am currently living in Pittsburgh.  My biggest influences include vintage graphic design for advertising and album covers, mid century abstract expressionist art, and modern furniture design and architecture, as well as vintage sci-fi art.

Populuxe: How'd you get the name El Gato Gomez?

Gomez: El Gato comes from a a cat that I started painting a while back. I painted it obsessively and finally named it "Gomez". Everyone started to recognize me by this cat. It just kind of stuck.

Populuxe: How long have you been an artist? How'd you get into retro modern art?

Gomez: I have been an artist for about 20 years, but started working professionally about four years ago.  I have always loved the retro vibe, but my husband and I sold mid century modern furniture for several years and there seemed to be a carry over into my own artistic style.

Populuxe: I'd like to know about the thought process that goes into your art pieces and how it goes from your head to the canvas.

Gomez: Me too! I am a very intuitive painter. I pretty much let the pieces paint themselves. I will start with a background color and choose my palette, then let the elements roll out one at a time. I rarely sketch anything.

Populuxe: Tell me about the piece you painted for the Baileys. Naoko and Gidget the cat. It's such a super sweet piece. You captured them so well!

Gomez: That really was a nice piece to work on! I love meeting people with such fun ideas and great taste. I am currently not taking on too many commissions. I am finding myself busier and busier with gallery shows and i try to limit my commission work to one a week. The price totally depends on the size and intricacy of the piece. I do try to keep a constant flow of different kinds of work available for sale. I post new pieces to my site daily and most of them are available on Ebay.

Populuxe: What galleries are you showing in currently?

Gomez: I am working with The Harold Golen Gallery in Miami on a regular basis. I am also showing this month at M Modern in Palm Springs and Christopher Anthony Ltd., also in Palm Springs (they handle an exclusive "signature collection" with the C MarZ signature). I also have some pieces going out to Pistol Mag for their anniversary party. I work with several modern furniture stores as well.

El Gato Gomez Arts is my main site where you can see a gallery of sold works and all of my available pieces.

Populuxe: Any art pieces you're particularly proud of?

Gomez: I am big on abstracts. I really enjoy trying to create pieces that are well balanced design wise with that great sense of whimsy seen in so much great vintage commercial art.

Populuxe: Do you have any advice to share with other artists? How to get your art noticed?

Gomez: The most important thing about selling art for me is just to make a whole lot of it and keep the level of quality high. I try to keep interest in my work by constantly posting new pieces for sale. I also post my new works on my Facebook profile and my Facebook Art Page so all of my friends can get a little preview of that day's offerings before my auctions start.

My art is very affordable which gives anyone the opportunity to own an original. What is really exciting is the idea of getting people interested in collecting hand painted artwork. Ebay is a great outlet for artists who produce a lot of work. It really has given me the opportunity to make a living doing what I love.

Populuxe: Thank you El Gato Gomez for the insights on your artwork. I really dig your style and I want to share your works with my readers. Best of luck to you!

For more El Gato Gomez art:
The Art of El Gato Gomez facebook page

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Unknown said...

We love your work and would like to purchase an architectural or space age piece but we can not find any for sale. Any advice?

TeacupKitten said...

Like her on Facebook. She posts paintings for sale all the time. There is sure to be one to your liking that pops up!

raalleman said...

I'm pretty sure there isn't another artist I follow more. I love her style.